Why is Uganda Government not prioritizing Housing

Why is Uganda Government not prioritizing Housing?

How did government of Uganda get diverted from focusing on the key principles of development to now issues that are of little significance in human development. In the beginning we knew that urban housing and health are the most important sectors that impact overall development. Affordable housing should be a priority to government at all times because it affects the very foundation of basic living for an individual. Housing is too important an area to be left to the private sector.

A country that doesn’t address the issue of where it’s people reside is indirectly condemning them to eternal poverty. Other than health itself, nothing will change people’s welfare like providing them with decent accommodation. And nothing will ever be as important as health and housing as far as poverty eradication is concerned. So the fundamental question is why would government of Uganda leave out housing in it’s spending priorities in favor of issues that one would consider periphery? Isn’t it about time we went back to the basics as a country before we do the hard stuff we are engaged in now yet if we don’t  we shall do it in future anyway. .