URSSI is a policy advocacy Not-for-Profit organisation working to create better liveable and sustainable cities with modern transportation modes in Uganda

A Uganda with well planned towns and green cities with an efficient and safe road transport system.

To facilitate the improvement and sustainability of modern town planning practices and coherent road transport development and management in Uganda.

Want to Work with URSSI?

Professionals, academia, civil society, urban councils, students and the urban community at large; if you believe in our approach, we invite you to become part of our initiatives in your community.  If you have any information concerning the state of roads and other infrastructure that deserve attention; contact us using any of our communication options you feel comfortable. We promise to get back to you within 24 Hours.  

Our work scope

Our work has three broad thematic areas which are:

  1. Promoting best urban development practices Championing the Change efforts towards building Sustainable Cities and Towns for Uganda
  2. Working to Promote Transparency & Accountability in the transport sub sector
  3. Prioritizing Road Safety and working to significantly reduce Road Fatalities in Uganda

Our history

URSSI started in 2009 and was incorporated as a company limited by Guarantee without share capital in 2010. URSSI was founded to act as a platform for citizens to discuss issues affecting urban development and transportation challenges in Uganda with a view of finding lasting solutions to them. Back then there was limited guided discussion on urban development in Uganda, save for a few isolated lamentations by some elites of how the city was rotting away. URSSI was to act as an advocacy think tank to guide meaningful debate about issues affecting urban growth trends in Uganda.

Our Memberships

We work closely with various partners including CSO groups, International partners, and academia especially from Makerere University. We are members of the following groupings

  1. The Partnership on Sustainable Low Carbon Transport -SLoCAT
  2. Civil Society coalition on Oil and Gas (CISCO)
  3. Civil Society Budget Advocacy Group (CSBAG)
  4. Roads Industry Council (RIC)
  5. Uganda Shelter and Settlement Alternatives Network – USSHNET

Our Key milestones / achievements

Our Key dates

Invite our Executive director to speak at your Event

If you have an event that is development oriented please feel free to contact us. We shall provide cutting edge and up-to-date information to your audience in a very engaging and informative way.  We love sharing knowledge and experience and we’ve had very high ratings at all conferences where he has spoken. Our executive director is very passionate about development in the global south. He provides practical advice on better urban governance, climate change, environmental management and Energy Transition. He is a change maker helping people in urban areas to discover their hidden potential. He has provided practical guidance to several cities and urban areas in solving some of their most pressing challenges.

To book him for your event, Send an email to

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