Policy Brief on Building Control Act Submitted by URSSI to Government

Uganda Road Sector Support Initiative (URSSI) came up with a policy brief which it shared with government advising on how the Law should be implemented

The Building control Act was assented to in October 2013 after wide consultations, prolonged back forth discussions amongst various stakeholders and benchmarking to borrow best practices from other countries with a similar law. The act is in conformity with the National Development Plan, Vision 2040 and the NRM manifesto 2016-2021. The objective of the Act was “to consolidate, harmonise and amend the law relating to the erection of buildings; to provide for building standards; to establish a National Building Review Board and Building Committees; to promote and ensure planned, decent and safe building structures that are developed in harmony with the environment”. This act is an important piece of legislation, which when implemented would streamline the building standards and improve the quality of housing in the country. The Act came on the backdrop of collapsing buildings in Kampala and other areas of Uganda and was supposed to create an institutional framework that would address the challenges of construction of buildings without proper guidance, supervision and monitoring. The law is also supposed to replace and repeal the obsolete and inappropriate instruments relating building regulations in the country. Read more in the PDf document attached

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