Kampala is not a competitive city

Kampala is not a Competitive City

Kampala is one of the least competitive cities in the world. It’s a lonely city that few people know about. It’s crowded, disconnected and disorganized. It’s closed for business both within itself and for outsiders. Investors who would need to come to the city find it costly to operate their businesses from here. Even when the city has immense potential, and opportunities these can’t be exploited because investors have to apply double the effort to reap profits compared to other cities.

Competitive cities are loved by people all over the world. They easily attract tourists and investors alike. They host international conferences because people love to visit them due their uniqueness and beauty. When people are hosted for meetings, they take off time to move around and explore the city hence spending cash. It’s therefore in the best interest of every city to make itself competitive so as to attract capital. If the world knows little about a city, then that city is indeed forgotten. Kampala city hasn’t defined it’s path as yet in terms of how it should be perceived by the world. It hasn’t even taken any effort to market itself and put in place infrastructure that would attract people to come and visit. The city is as sleepy as they come.