Why some people have money and others don’t?

Some people have a lot of money but have no ideas where and how they should invest it. For those without money, we are not talking about you. If you’ve never had big monies, then you may never realize that you may have one windfall but you are torn on how you can invest it to generate more for you. Every one wants more money no matter how much they have because money is liquid. No matter how much money you have today, if you don’t multiply it, it will soon be depleted. No amount of money is too much to be spent. Every amount of money no matter the amount can be utilized.

We have numerous examples of people that either won jack pots or for a windfall of monies either through inheritance or other easy means yet today they are living like paupers. Any money that cannot multiply itself will soon be some hand carped, sick and finally die. Shrewd businessmen will tell you that it’s easier to make money but it’s harder to maintain it. If you are good at making money you have to strive to be good at multiplying your fortunes. Money likes where its sisters and brothers are. Money loves to associate with its relatives. Where money is, more money is likely to go. Where there is no money, even the other little money will fear to appear there.

So why are some people more likely to make money than others? Those that make more money are those that don’t fear it and have an outgoing personality. Money doesn’t like people that will make it a slave. You can’t cage money. You can’t hold it such that you can monopolize it. The more you try to cage your money, the more it wants to escape from you. Once money realizes that you’ve been trying to cage it, it will always avoid you. Money is like a liquid, not any liquid slippery like but oil. Trying to hold money in your hand such that it does not escape is like holding oil in your hand. The more you squeeze it in your fist the more it escapes through your fingers and the less you will remain with. Let money pass through your hands and look for strategic investment areas and you will have more money flowing back to you. Money has never been a slave to anyone and never will it be. Money serves those that know its rules. It rebukes those that want to make it a commodity or an item.

Open mindedness and making more money are close twins born of the same mother. Money is shy and hates noise. Money goes to those that are ready and those that are prepared to host it and give it freedom to move and visit others. Money is a shrewd prisoner. It will always escape no matter the walls of prison if it feel that it’s not respected. Taming money is respecting money and giving it freedom such that it can come back to you willingly. When money comes to visit, it comes along with its relatives, friends and in laws. When it decides to go away, it goes with its branches and roots. Money hates bad company.

Money loves to be comfortable and therefore tends to respect calm people who respect it. Money doesn’t go to ordinary places. Neither can you find it in odd environments. It’s always in areas that well known. It’s in rare circumstances that money is found in odd areas. Even when it’s found in such areas, it doesn’t stay for long since it would have come as a visitor but is on its way to where it belongs. Money that is found in odd places is mostly small in amount but even then and most importantly, it’s usually there only by accident. Money loves crowded places but it thrives best when those places are well kempt, good looking and comfortable.

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