What is Africa's Problem

What is Africa’s Problem?

A good number of African Elite spend too much time trying to blame African problems on the West. This is nonsensical. Africa can develop without blaming Europe and America for their predicament.

It starts with our incompetent leaders. There is a general leadership vacuum in Africa. Leaders assume power promising to be servants of people only to turn around after a few years in power. The greatest tragedy facing Africa is lack if institutional growth, structures and systems. The day these are addressed is the day we shall start seeing real Economic transformations. Africa doesn’t require strong leaders. It needs strong institutions. Development is delivered by institutions working through well known systems. Development that is based on individual whims cannot last. It vanishes as soon as the individual is no more. Besides, there isn’t any individual that fully appreciates the dynamics of macro economic development without relying on known structures. Many African leaders blame the West for the continents predicament yet they are the actual problem. They weld too much power which they continue to misuse while blaming colonial rule as the cause of all problems of Africa. Africa was colonized because it was weak. Africa is still backward because its leadership has failed to take responsibility.