What brought you to the City

What brought you to the City?

What brought you to the city? Many of us come into the city with great expectations. It could be education, good health facilities, or better still employment. Whatever reason that brought you into the city, you knew it could offer you better opportunities than a rural area. Cities bring together a large number of people who live in close proximity. Unlike a village, a city offers almost all services and goods as long as one is financially able to pay for them.

Approximately 328 people arrive in Kampala city everyday in search of opportunities. This number includes only those who leave rural areas to come into the city for the first time and excludes the babies born per day. Ofcourse there are those who leave the city too for various reasons but this number is far less compared to those who come into it. So, back to the question What brought you into the City❓What ever reason it was, always remember that there are thousands that are coming into the city and the chance of them getting lucky like you have completely diminished.

For one to get a job in Kampala city, they not only need to be lucky, they also have to be very well connected. The growth of a city should match and correspond with the growth of the population, otherwise, the city risks becoming a hotbed of criminal gangs who are desperate and make the entire city  unsafe for everyone. We have to do something to reverse the prevailing situation.