Welcome to Okere Community City in Otuke District, Uganda built by a single individual.

Last week, we travelled all the way to Otuke District in Northeastern Uganda, 420Km from Kampala. 89km North of Lira city, a young man by the names of Ojok Okello has built a City and named it Okere. It’s in the middle of a jungle with short shrubs in the neighborhood amidst smoldering heat of Lango region.  Using local materials like Bamboo and straw, Ojok has been able to show the community that commitment defeats every adversity.  At 35 years of age, Ojok is a go-getter, full of energy yet very compassionate. The soft spoken Ojok has made his dream come true. He previously worked with Makerere University as a Tutoring Assistant and at Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS) Uganda a German development agency

On a Tuesday, people begin to gather into Okere City very early in the morning, singing and dancing. They converge in the playground within the city. There are competitions of dancing, wrestling and singing throughout the day with excited spectators. The city is hosting more than two thousand people this day who have travelled from as far as Otuke and other districts. Later in the evening, a music system is set up where they all join in merry-making. They dance away the night till the next day. Ojok, a single soul has been able to mobilize and bring people together in a way no ordinary mind can.

Already, Okere City has a Primary School, a health center, a computer Lab and a tailoring school and more facilities are in the pipeline. When you speak to Ojok, you realize that beneath the soft spoken young man, lies the giant with immense mental and physical energy that many of us only wish we could possess. Today, I know of no one else that has single handedly build a city. It’s only Ojok that could do it. You may need to visit Okere city one of these days and witness the wonder of a human spirit at work. Hurray Okere City and Long live Ojok for helping your people in ways that continue to elude most common men.

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