Weaknesses of Capitalism as a Market System

By Mutabazi Sam Stewart


Capitalism is a bad system. With capitalism, man eats man. Archetypal Capitalists are heartless and ruthless. Capitalism functions on the principles and laws of the jungle where survival depends on the fittest. The rich keep getting richer as the poor get poorer. The rich amass wealth using the labor of the poor. Capitalists don’t care about other people as long as they keep amassing wealth. When you tell a capitalist that the system is flawed, they will ask you which other system the world should adopt. They say socialism and communism have failed in most countries where they have been tried. It’s true that communism isn’t a good system either but socialism that is more leaning towards capitalism is the best option.

The greatest selling point of capitalism is where it promotes innovation.  Granted innovation drives development. But this should not be at the expense of the masses. The world has never been fair and possibly it never will. But everyone must always strive to promote fairness. We may fall short of having a fairer world to all but that should not stop us from doing something about it. In the same world where you have some few people planning to settle on other planets like Mars, other human beings cannot even afford to have a meal a day. And don’t make any mistake, it’s not out of their own making but rather the situation was imposed on them. There are some parts of the world where when a child is born, chances of that child escaping poverty are almost zero.

The unfair relations among nations and within the boundaries of individual countries is scandalous and ought to be addressed. Capitalism has reached a level where some people keep on getting wealthier not because they are investing in things that benefit humanity but because their influence is so great that it can compromise everyone. Wealthy capitalists intimidate governments. To them life is about making money irrespective of how one does it. Wealth is not everything but some people take it as such. The world must never rest until all human beings are able to afford the basics of life.

The irony is that it’s possible for the world to produce enough for everybody but because of the selfishness of capitalists, not everything produced can be allowed to go round. The world under capitalism is like a rotating dinning table with family members. As the table rotates, each member keeps picking what they like and then letting the table roll on to the next person to serve their food. However, in a capitalist world, when the table reaches where the capitalist is, they hold it and keep piling all the food in their plate. They do not only stop the table, they serve all the food and leave only crumbs before allowing the table to move. When the table moves, it rotates and the people who serve food add more hoping that this time it will be able to reach all members on the table. Alas, as the capitalist is still munching on the food they collected at the last rotation, new food supplies arrive and it’s their turn to pile more food once again. They once more remove all the food from the table before letting go the almost empty table. This unfortunately is the ruthless wheel of capitalism. When you think the capitalist has now had enough, they get anther plate and want to make it full even before others have had even the little to sustain their energy.

People are dying of hunger in many parts of the world but you have people like Eron Musk who are hell bent on milking the world dry because they want to become the wealthiest people in the world. Unguided capitalism is worse than hell to the suffering majority.  Capitalists are too greedy to ask themselves why they need all that wealth. Capitalism has failed the world mainly on one front. The promotion of justice and fairness. If it only could address this aspect, it would be a good system. Capitalism is supposed to operate hand-in-hand with democracy, liberalism and good governance. However, where materialistic capitalism is present, democracy will never thrive. Capitalists will ensure they bend all the rules in their favor until they crowd out everyone else.

To capitalists, the game is fair only when it supports them. Once the table tilt against them, they cry out to government to come to their rescue. During depression for example, it’s capitalists who make the most noise calling upon government to give subsidies and other forms of support. The world will never have peace until there is justice and fairness within individual nations and among states. Fairness demands that you put yourself in the shoes of people you are oppressing or those in a condition that is not as privileged as your own. Fairness doesn’t mean equal distribution of wealth, it simply means better sharing in such a way that every one gets something and nobody gets nothing. In a world created by the Almighty who gave enough resources to the people he placed in earth, it’s unacceptable that some people should continue to live as if they have the privilege over others. Capitalists do not only eat their share, they want to eat everybody else’s. Capitalism as a market system has failed on the front of guaranteeing and promoting fairness. It’s high time the world starts thinking about adopting a system of Classic Socialism which would borrow the better elements of capitalism and those of socialism. A fairer World is a good World. We prefer good to evil. Capitalism is evil smeared to look good but deadly inside.  Down with capitalism! Hail the triumph of a liberated people of God, living, working and enjoying together. No to Modern Slavery.

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