Racial Differences in USA, The greatest tragedy facing the world Today

By Sam Stewart Mutabazi

Nothing haunts America like racial differences. If America ever overcomes the racial difference barriers, the world will not only be free, it will become a paradise where nobody will ever fear a fellow human being. The problem is that it’s still a very long journey to walk. The more the whites try to show blacks that they don’t have any hidden intentions, the more it comes out that they are just acting and not committed. Also, the more the blacks try to show that they are at the same footing as whites, the more they come off as people struggling to prove a point. Nothing polarizes the world like races trying to prove to each other that each is genuine in its approach and actions. None believes the other. The harder each tries, the greater the rift becomes. The white race has dominated the black race for far too long that the latter feels insecure no matter how the former engages.

There are very many white people who genuinely believe that black folks are just the same as white in terms of just everything but color. The problem is that it’s easier said by somebody but hard to believe by everyone. Will the world ever come together to accept individuals no matter the type of race, as just normal human beings? May be this will come but is quite a very long way. In my imagination, this is partly one of the fundamental problems of our time. America could have moved a great distance in recognizing the rights of people with color but it has a very long way to go to have all its white population fully come to terms and treat black people as human as the white race. There have been intermarriages over the years but these are not closing the racial differences at the speed one would want to see.

There are good intentioned persons in America who truly know the importance of closing the racial gap as fast as possible. However there are others who look at it like it’s simply unimaginable. They were brought up by parents and in a community that abhors the other race looking at it as subhuman. To bring them on board is the hardest thing the reformists have struggled with for many years. Those who want the world to move forward know very well that discriminating against blacks is acting against the tide of development of the human race.

Though racial differentials have had some contribution towards human development endeavor, to a very great extent it has stagnated the world when it comes to averages. The black race which has struggled against all odds to become successful have been an exception rather than the norm. The world is much better off when human beings agree more rather than disagree. The world is better agreeing on issues of race first than anything else for it’s the superfluous basis on which viable international development and cooperative is hinged.

Speaking about racial segregation is a very thorny issue to the extent that most Americans would rather not talk about it hoping that each generation will have to deal with it in its own way. Blacks are uncomfortable talking about it and so are whites. The killing of Floyd George by a Corp in 2020, brought the racial differences to the fore and resurrected the necessity to tackle the issue head on. America has been a champion of democracy and human rights for many years and it’s on these values that it has forged its progress. It has not stopped at proclaiming the importance of these beliefs at home, it has struggled to export the same values across the globe.

American success is to a great extent attributed to the history of slavery where black people paid a heavy price to provide initial hard labor that was vital in propelling the country towards eventual industrialization. It’s been long since the slaves who were uprooted from their native lands and found themselves in a foreign land against their wishes that their offspring cannot up to now be allowed to enjoy the exact privileges as the Native Americans. America as a nation needs some serious soul searching. Not sure on who should take lead on this but the earlier it’s done the batter for its reputation and the greater would be its continued influence on the rest of the world.

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