How to get any Job you want; Six Simple Steps to Follow



By Sam Stewart Mutabazi


Getting. Job today is not easy because there are very few opportunities being created compared to the numbers who are lining up to grab the few available. Universities are producing thousands of graduates every year most of whom few end up getting a job in their first year after graduation. This situation is not likely to change soon as the economy is not expanding at a rate that would match the growth of numbers of young people seeking for job. Besides, very few companies are able to survive their first years, let alone being able to pay salaries for their staff.

Hopeless as this situation may sound, there are a few individuals who have been successful and we’re able to get jobs soon after their university education. What did they do different. They are not necessarily better than you in terms of intellectual abilities. Thy are only better at strategy. They have the skills employers need and they know the right words to use and whom to approach. It’s true there are a few others who get employed because of having good family connections where relatives recommend them to get hired. But there are many others who don’t know “anyone” but get good jobs through their own personal endeavor without any support whatsoever from relatives. When it cones to looking for a job here are the six key points you must consider:



  1. Attitude: A positive attitude is the most important attribute that will land you that dream job faster than anything else. A jolly hard-working individual that always looks at the brighter side of life is easier to employ than someone that is grumpy and never appreciates anything. If you have to meet an employer, one thing you have to hide from them is your complaining. No employer needs a complaining member of staff. Even when you finally get the job you’ve been looking for, never become a complaining worker. If you have to complain to your bosses, do so when you have an alternative job in mind.


  1. Become a results person: There is no company that prints money. All companies make money through their staff. If the work you are doing for the company is not bringing cash to the company, do not expect your employer to get your salary form their own personal pocket. If you need to get a job faster approach employers with an idea on how you can make more money for them once hired.



  1. Apply for Job: To get a job, your job should be to look for a job. Looking for a job is a full time job. Unless you commit and dedicate enough time and resources to look for a job, your chances of getting one are as minimal as the effort you put in. The more the time you dedicate towards searching for a job, the more the likelihood of you getting one. You do not need to get tired simply because you’ve made one hundred applications and you’re never been shortlisted or invited for an interview


  1. Read Books: Possessing a degree is different from being knowledgeable. Knowledge is acquired through education both formal and informal. Completing university education should not mean that you cease studying. A reading mind is easy to discern by an employer from a mind that has not opened a book a long while. If you need a job you have to stay up-to-date with the latest information not only in your field but in general terms. A well read person is a resourceful person.



  1. Be a good writer: Did you know that writing is a skill not possessed by many people. Most people would rather speak than write. A written word is not only powerful, it’s long lasting coz it acts as a long term reference. An employer that has a worker who is good at wiring has a big resource. Good writers are not easy to come by. Writing is a form of communication where you are supposed to communicate intelligibly to your audience such that they can understand the message well without any second guessing. Many people just assume that they can write when in essence what they write can be understood only by themselves.


  1. Be a good Speaker: Words are powerful but good speakers know how to create impact in ways through which they use their words. A good Speaker will know which words they can use to convince their prospective employer and later their customers. Good speakers know how to play with words in order to cone up with an appealing message. Good speaking skills don’t come naturally. It’s through practice.



Please do not forget that an informed mind is a reading mind, a reading mind is speaking mind, a reading mind is a confident mind, a confident mind is a persistent mind, and a persistent mind is a mind with the right attitude.

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