How to avoid getting your car scratched in traffic jam

How to avoid getting your car scratched in traffic jam

It’s irritating to find that your car has many dents on its body. Some of them, you are not even aware when it got them. Some are minor while others are bigger. We all love our cars and would wish to keep their shiny body. Unfortunately, it’s hard to keep your car without a scratches in busy street, traffic jam and parking areas where everyone is squeezing for space.

One of the commonest ways how cars get scratches is people parking very close to each other. When one is opening their doors, it opens into the side of the side of the car parked next. If you are keen, you will notice that most cars have many scratches around their doors because they get them during the opening and closing during parking in congested parking areas.

The other common way cars get scratches especially in Kampala city is by bodabodas. Bodabodas in this city follow no rules. They move according to their own intuition which is in most cases based on false assumptions. Bodaboda cyclists are very reckless. They ride in wrong lanes, they don’t respect traffic lights, they are simply chaotic. It’s not surprising therefore that they are the number one cause of accidents in the city and they leading case of car dents.

The other major reason why cars get scratches is traffic jam. Some drivers get distracted especially with their phones during traffic jam. Some keep checking their phones while allowing their car to keep moving on a slow pace. They underestimate the time between checking the phone and applying the brakes. Often, the driver is not even aware that their car is moving not until it rams into the car bumper of the car in front. This is only when they are jolted.

So how can someone avoid getting their car getting scratches? The surest way is to avoid congested areas, heavy traffic jam and keep looking out for careless riding bodabodas. There are areas in the city which are well known to be heavily congested. If you can, try to avoid such places as much as possible so as to keep your car intact and in good condition. We wish you safe driving!