Do you have to pay for what you read on the Web? You can get free Information for free!

By Sam Stewart Mutabazi

You’ve invested a lot in terms of resources both financial and otherwise in gathering information and data, you would after publishing require a payback. You want to get back what you invested but you also need a payment for the service rendered to those who are reading your content. What you must contend with is that getting paid for written content doesn’t come easy. Majority of readers would love to get the best written information for free. The more free good information one gets on the website the better for them.

As a writer or content creator, how do you make a balance to satisfy your reader’s’ needs while they are able to appreciate you. Can anyone create content that is worth paying for? Must every good content be paid for anyway? How do you monetize your content? Some writers take themselves and their content too seriously. Even when the content is sub standard, they go ahead to want to sell it to the public. Yet there is a lot of free data and information on the web that is absolutely free. Some of it very good. It’s not easy to come up with good content all the time.

To write good content, you have to be in good moods, in the right place and at the right time. Good content comes naturally. It’s not forced. There are no lies. It makes the readers hooked wanting to read more. It’s not exaggerated nor boring. Wherever good content is, readers will find it. You may not even need to advertise it. It sells itself. Search engines get it easily because it’s unique. It’s original and authentic.

It is however important to note that some websites that sell information have pretty good content. They invest their time and resources to create high quality information. As expected, they would want to get money for their efforts. They want to cover their operational costs otherwise they would get out of business.  They therefore entice readers to read the first part before calling on the reader to subscribe and read more. When one feels that the information is what they have been looking for, they may go a head and purchase. Some however choose to look for other sources of such information that is free. Not all information that is paid for on line is high quality information. Some publishers are so much overtaken by the desire to get money to the extent that they sell some information that is not worthwhile.  You need to choose your sources of information with care so as not to pay for something that may not help you much.

News media are some of the sites where the owners expect the readers to pay. With social media becoming one of the foremost sources of information today, a website that expects it’s readers to pay for their stories need to be appealingly different with a compelling entreaty that readers could not get from other sources. It’s not about selling information. It’s about selling good and different information that will help readers get good understanding and increase their knowledge. The world is in information age presently.

Whereas there is vast information that is good and freely available on the web, most often it’s disaggregated and therefore not easy to distill. To find appropriate information that is relevant to what one wants in a manner that is easy to comprehend is not a common occurrence. People who trade in the business of selling information capitalize on this niche by investing their time to get the best of information. If information drives the world good and right information drives development of countries and individuals.

The power of information is the power of success. When you silt through loads of information looking for the right data, it may take your valuable time. If you need quality information and quickly, then you should be ready to pay for it. This is where writers and readers meet. Do you want to monetize your content, then package your content such that those who need it will get it easily. You may not get paid fast but the source of knowledge will always be rewarded no matter how long it may take.

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