Urban Management & Transportation Consultant

I am an urban development consultant with a wealth of experience and interest in urban governance and management. I have worked with a wide range of institutions in Africa, Europe and Asia. I studied Urban Management at Erasmus University, Rotterdam, Netherlands. I have worked on projects in Ghana, Kenya, Netherlands, Rwanda, China, Tanzania, Zambia, Israel, South Africa, Ethiopia United Araba Emirates, among others. I have specific interest in supporting coherent urban growth in African cities. I have worked as a consultant with the World Bank, Department for International Development (DFID), European Union, Frederick Ebert Stiftung and several others. I have authored many books and written numerous articles in respected international journals and publications. One of my best-selling books is “How to become a Billionaire in a third world Country” which sold over one hundred thousand copies.   

Sam Stewart

Working to improve urbanization in Uganda.
Architecture | Urban Planning
Kampala, Wakiso, Uganda.


If you have an event that is development oriented please feel free to contact me. I will provide cutting edge and up-to-date information to your audience in a very engaging and informative way.  I love sharing my knowledge and experience and I’ve had very high ratings at all conferences where I have spoken. I am very passionate about development in the global south. I provide practical advice on better urban governance, climate change, environmental management and Energy Transition. I am a change maker helping people in urban areas to discover their hidden potential. I have provided practical guidance to several cities and urban areas in solving some of their most pressing challenges.

To book me for your event, Send an email to mutabazistewartsam@gmail.com

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