Home Party

A city is like a Home Party where guests must be taken good care of

A city is a convergence place of large numbers of people. Cities are attraction centers or holding camps if you like. A city is like a home that is hosting a large number of guests. Difference is that in a city the guests stay for good while in a home, they leave when the party is over. If you invite people to your home, you must plan for them, don’t you? The guests must have food, they must feel at home, you prepare places of convenience, you prepare food serving centers so the lines are not long and there is order in getting the food. In fact even when you have not invited them, you still must prepare for them anyway. Cities and home parties therefore operate with the same principle.  Failing to plan for the city is like inviting people into your home and expecting them to work out things by themselves and you expect good results. This never happens.